One year, One naked body, each day an item will be added to my body so I can reveal more.

Permalink Day9. 9 items on my body. Socks,slippers,jeans,2 tops,belt, shorts. This is boring as usual but you know you will be pissing yourself in the summer,especially when I sail from turkey to Cyprus in June..ha bloody ha..#qsmypictoday
Permalink Day8. 8 random items on my body. Just did 7 again by mistake. Got out of bed again. #qsmypictoday
Permalink Day7.7 random things on my body. . It’s the 7 nearest to my bed,I forgot again! #qsmypictoday
Permalink Day7. 2 socks, slippers,jeans previous cheeky boxers(hidden) and a top. #qsmypictoday
Permalink Day 6. All of the below but with a cheeky inch of the shorts showing. Brap brap style so I’m told. #qsmypictoday
Permalink Day 5. Astro turf boot, previously worn espadrill 2 socks and some jeans.=5. #qsmypictoday
Permalink Day four. 2 socks an espadrill and an Italian dealer boot. #qsmypictoday
Permalink Just woke up its 3am..forgot to post my #qsmypictoday, its day 3 I am wearing the nearest three things to my bed..happy now? Back to sleep for me..damn this project x

#qsmypictoday a sock and a slipper

Day2 ..wearing 2 things #qsmypictoday